Drum Lessons – Online and in Ellensburg

Drum teacher, Garey Williams offers drum set instruction online through FaceTime or Skype and teaches lessons in Ellensburg, WA.

In the drum lessons, students will learn technique, posture, coordination and listening skills to help them become the best drummer possible.

Garey can teach jazz, pop, rock, R&B, country, funk, folk, world beats, fusion, church music and all styles of chart reading and interpretation. He teaches the Matched Grip, American Grip, German Grip, French Grip, Moeller Method, Whip Strokes, Finger Control Stokes, Push-Pull, Open-Close, Drop Bounce and Traditional Grip techniques.

Check out Garey’s Youtube Videos and visit his website at www.gareywilliams.com for performances and educational events.

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Online lessons are the future!  You can play your own set in the comfort of your own home while getting a lesson from a great teacher.