What They Are Saying




“Loved the clinic. Kids jaws dropped when Garey played a solo for them. He spoke very clearly & was SO helpful with basic techniques & stick balance & evenness.”

-Sheryl Clarke, Harbor Ridge Middle School Band Director


“You have always been a gigantic inspiration and after hearing you play in the 90’s, when asked who my drumming idols are, I usually answer something like “Dave Weckl, Vinnie Colaiuta, Garey Williams, Buddy Rich……” etc. drummers usually ask “who’s Garey Williams?” I tell them who you are to me! Hope I didn’t make you feel awkward with all the praise but if the drumming world was the martial arts world I’d be calling you Sensei, Sifu, Master, or even Grand Master~ I feel lucky to have been and continue to be associated with you.”

Former Private Student


“Garey, I’m sure you know what a great teacher you are. But I’ve trained school teachers and also adult trainers in companies for over 30 years, and I just have to tell you what a pleasure it is to watch you working with Jeremy. Your ability to find him being successful, pull the best out of him, and encourage him to do things he’s afraid he can’t do are extraordinary. I’m so happy that we found you, and it’s exciting to see how he works with you. I’m feeling that you’re exactly the right person to take Jeremy further.”

Carl, Parent of Student

Drum Lessons - Ellensburg & Online

Drum teacher, Garey Williams offers drum set instruction in Ellensburg, WA and also online through FaceTime and Skype.

In the drum lessons, students will learn technique, posture, coordination and listening skills to help them become the best drummer possible.

Garey can teach jazz, pop, rock, R&B, country, funk, folk, world beats, fusion, church music and all styles of chart reading and interpretation. He teaches the Matched Grip, American Grip, German Grip, French Grip, Moeller Method, Whip Strokes, Finger Control Stokes, Push-Pull, Open-Close, Drop Bounce and Traditional Grip techniques.

Check out Garey’s Youtube Videos and visit his website at www.gareywilliams.com for performances and educational events.