Drummer's Guide to Big Band Drumming

The Ride Hand

The Ride Hand

This book is designed to discuss, demonstrate and develop a musical approach to four-limb coordination.

Included are discussions, MP3 audio and video demonstrations on:

  • Seven ride cymbal rhythms
  • Three hi-hat foot rhythms
  • Guidelines on how to practice – including a practice chart
  • Importance of listening to develop your musical drumming vocabulary
  • Getting a contemporary drum and cymbal sound – set up, drum tuning and cymbal sounds
  • Hi-hat and ride cymbal playing techniques – tip, side and edge strokes
  • Bass drum and hi-hat pedal techniques – heel, ankle and leg strokes
  • Snare drum playing techniques – cross-stick, ghost, accent and rimshot strokes
  • Musical drumming demonstrations – textures, articulations and dynamics
  • Music tracks to accompany each exercise
  • Two play-along charts, with and without drums

The Ride Hand will greatly help you develop the necessary coordination skills to become an outstanding musical drummer.

Drummer's Guide to Big Band Drumming

“Garey is one of the finest drummers I’ve ever worked with, but he is probably the best drum set teacher I’ve helped produce”

– John Moawad

Drummer's Guide to Big Band

Drummer's Guide to Big Band

Drummers Guide to Big Band

was written to help drummers and educators understand how to interpret and play big band charts. Included are discussions, MP3 audio and DVD video demonstrations on:

  • Chart reading checklist: style, road map, ink.
  • Playing big band set-ups that will clearly and affectively support the band.
  • Ride cymbal techniques for slow, medium and fast tempos.
  • Hi-hat techniques for 2-beat, “rocking the foot” and “heel up.”
  • Bass drum techniques on how to “feather” and “drop bombs.”
  • Snare drum techniques for cross-stick, rim shots and stick shots.
  • Jazz shuffles, 3/4, ballads, Latin, R&B, funk and rock play-along tracks.
  • Five complete big band play-along charts: with and without drums.
  • Discography of recommended big band recordings.

This book, along with the accompanying tracks, videos, and charts, provides a concise, informative and fun introduction to the world of big band drumming.

-Tommy Igoe (Birdland Big Band, Tommy Igoe Groove Conspiracy, author of Groove Essentials series)

“Playing in a big band is one of the most complex and nuanced jobs that a drummer can face. Garey Williams’ new book The Drummer’s Guide to Big Band sets out a highly-organized game plan for tackling the demands of the big band drum chair. In addition to a thorough explanation of charts, grooves, song forms, set ups and other figures, the book includes a multimedia disc with both video and audio examples. Great stuff. I look forward to using this book with my own students!”

-Daniel Glass (Royal Crown Revue, Brian Setzer, author of The Century Project , The Roots of Rock Drumming , and The Commandment)

“Garey has put together a wealth of great material in a very effective, logical manner. His practice tips, musical philosophies, and performance suggestions are right on the money. The play-along tracks are fresh and musical with Garey really getting “inside” the music. This will help many aspiring players for years to come. Congratulations!”

-Steve Houghton (Professor of Jazz and Percussion – Indiana University, PAS Past President)

I’ve listened to a lot of drummers and you have something few drummers have. You hear the subtleties in music. You sound great!”

-Jeff Hamilton (Jeff Hamilton Trio, Ray Brown, Oscar Peterson, Diana Krall, Ella Fitzgerald)

The Hi Hat Foot

was written to help drummers develop grooves and a solid foundation of four-way coordination in the rock, funk and R&B styles. Included are MP3 audio demonstrations on playing the Hi Hat on:

• Beats 1 & 3
• Beats 2 & 4
• Quarter Notes
• 8th Notes
• Off Beats
• Accented Ride Patterns
• 15 “Rhythments”
• Pedal Techniques
• Tips on Practicing and drum and cymbal set-ups
• Three complete Ecstasy In Numbers play-along charts: with and without drums
• Transcriptions of Ecstasy In Numbers grooves and fills


In his new book, clinician/instructor Garey Williams tackles the oft-neglected hi-hat foot, focusing on composing different beats while keeping hat-time on various parts of the bar. Essentially a four-limb coordination guide… the book outlines an impressive array of rock and funk patterns and their relation to hats.. The included lengthy mp3 CD allows students to listen to a wide variety of snare and kick drum beats while they follow along visually with the book’s notation… Williams includes thoughts on experimenting with tight or “sloshy” sounding hats, listening, posture, and creating practice routines. (Alfred)

-Modern Drummer

This book is a must buy for any level drummer. I cant believe how many cool drum beats are in it 🙂 Don’t think about it buy it now you wouldn’t regret it 🙂

-Eddie Zarrate Guillen

Great book for building independence and foot technique. Much more than hi-hat technique. Excellent advice for beginners for structuring practice routines.

-Jared Mendel


The Hi Hat Foot

The Hi Hat Foot

The Hi Hat Foot

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