Garey wants to help YOU improve your drum and cymbal sounds!

I can help you select your Gear. I have 40+ years playing experience and 30+ teaching experience and can advise you on many details about your drums and cymbals and make some recommendation on how to improve your sound. 

Getting your drums and cymbals sounding great is just as important as learning to play great. In my 40+ years of drumming, I have personally owned, performed and recorded on nearly twenty different drumsets ranging from a standard four piece drumset with a ride, crash and hi hats up to a double bass eight piece drumset with seven pedals and 24 cymbals! My drum sizes have ranged from: 6″-18″ toms, 10″-14″ snare drums to 16″-24″ bass drums. I have played: Maple wood, Birch wood, Beach wood, Mahogany wood, Cherry wood, Steel, Brass, Bronze and Aluminum metal snare drums as well. I understand how the: wood type, shell design, thickness, edges, lug placement, die cast hoops, triple flanged hoops, wood hoops and hardware features all contribute and shape a drums sound. I probably know as much about drum and cymbal sounds and hardware as I do about how to play them.

These are the products that I personally play, endorse and recommend:

Paiste Cymbals

Ludwig Drums

Remo Drumheads

Innovative Percussion Sticks and Mallets

Ahead Cases and Drum Rugs

Gruv Gear Hand Trucks

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