Would you like Garey Williams to give you a drum lesson in your home? Well now you can!!

Garey Williams has successfully taught drum lessons using Skype and FaceTime for the past five years. Have you ever considered having a Skype or FaceTime drum lessons? You’re probably thinking… “no way” or “this could never be as good as a ‘real’ lesson”, or “the sound will be weird”. Perhaps you’re thinking, “it’s to complicated” or that “it just won’t be nearly as good as a live lesson”. I, myself, was VERY skeptical of Skype lessons and understand how you may feel. However, I tried one and found it to work much better than I imagined. In fact, after many students try a Skype or FaceTime drum lesson, they prefer to continue their lessons this way. There are many benefits to online lessons. Here are some advantages to having Skype lessons in your home rather than live lessons at a different location:

  • You get to play YOUR DRUMSET rather than trying to adjust to a foreign feeling Drumset at the teachers studio.
  • The Skype and FaceTime programs are easy to use.
  • Todays advancing technology produces a sound and picture that is clear and everything is in real time.
  • Your drum lesson is in the privacy of your home rather than at a public location where others can here you.
  • Garey can help you with tuning your drums to make them sound great.
  • Garey can offer advice on your drum and cymbal set-up to help you make your Drumset easier to play.
  • You can view your posture on the computer screen, similar to practicing in front of a mirror. Posture is essential to good drumming.
  • You can be warmed up and ready for your lesson on time with no delays do to transportation conflicts. This is especially great in bad weather conditions.
  • Following the lesson you can immediately practice rather than have to wait. This helps in retaining the lesson information and accomplishing more practice time overall.
  • You get to study with the teacher you want and not be limited by a less knowledgable teacher in your area.
  • Skype lessons are better than no lessons.
  • Drum lessons make you smarter!! Check out this study from Oxford and Harvard universities: https://pionic.org/study-claims-that-drummers-are-more-intelligent-than-everyone

Here are some comments from students who
tried and continue to take Skype lessons:


“I like playing my Drumset”
“I can only have Skype lessons because I don’t have access to a car”
“I like not having to drive and be stuck in traffic”
“I like being warmed up before my lesson”
“I feel more comfortable playing my drums and cymbals”
“It really helped having you see me play on my drumset”

You owe it to yourself to be brave and give a Skype
lessons a try. I guarantee you will like it!

Garey Williams

Drum Lessons

If you were given the choice to either A) watch a performance of a drummer  you admire OR B) talk to that drummer and have them show you how they did what they did, the majority of drummers would choose B)! This is why I teach.

I can have the greatest impact on a musician’s development by teaching them more than performing for them. Performing is inspiring. but lessons give you the knowledge to play like the drummer you admire.

Who do you admire and would you like to play the drums as well as they do or even better? Considered by many to be the “drum guru” in the Pacific Northwest, I can help you learn how to play anything you want on the drums.  Don’t believe me? Try a lesson and you will find out.

Learning to drum well is about becoming aware of your habits and choosing to build the technique and coordination, which will support your musical goals. Although some people are naturally talented, most people can learn the skills needed to play the drums with proper training and practice.

” Garey you are easily the best teacher I have come across. Your explanations are outstanding. Thank you.”

“dude…. that is so cool, I went to Berkely college of music and they screwed me all up with the drum instructer that was assigned to me. To this day I am suffering and if I only knew your method… It’s insane…..”

In my drum lessons, I teach the basics of:

Technique, Posture, Coordination, Relaxation, Listening Skills…and more.

Then I will help you learn to alter and add to that basic foundation in order to drum in the styles of your choice. I’ve worked with drummers who play jazz, pop, rock, R&B, country, funk, folk, world beats, fusion, church music and all styles of chart reading and interpretation. I understand and teach the Moeller Method and numerous grip and stroke techniques. I also teach the coordination methods required to play any style. Besides healthy drumming, I don’t have an agenda in my studio. I help you become the kind of drummer YOU want to be.

I Teach Drummers of All Levels

Are you a lover of music? Do you enjoy the feeling of the beat and especially excited by the sound of the drumset and the drumming in music? Music is part of everyone’s life and learning to play the drums for fun is the best reason to take drum lessons.

Garey loves teaching students who want to play the drums just for the fun of it. Not to be a professional musician or to even perform. . .just for fun 🙂 Garey’s very gentle, relaxed and supportive teaching style will help any student who wants learn. Give a lesson a try. I’m sure we will have a blast! No experience is required and I have all the drums, cymbals and sticks you will need to try a lesson. Let’s have some fun with the drums!!

It’s never too late to learn to drum! I’ve worked with beginning students from age 5-65. During your lessons, I will help you learn the basics of drum technique and coordination while we explore the music you are most interested in. As you gain greater mastery, your drumming style emerges.

Did you used to drum in high school or college and now want to get back into it? Do you wish to take your drumming to the next level by auditioning for bands or college programs? Perhaps you want to expand your technique, increase your coordination and gain more speed, power, endurance and control? I have a huge music library filled with everything from rock, funk, R&B, Jazz, World rhythm books, DVDs and jazz fake books. I can assist you with finding the perfect music for your goals, coach you to refine it, assist with performance procedures all while building a stronger drumming technique.

When are you an advanced drummer? Answer: When you play music well that requires a high degree of skill, coordination, power, technique and often years of education. At this stage, drummers are working on gaining the tools needed to be competitive in the marketplace. Depending on your needs, that could mean working on time, fills and improvisation, advanced coordination and technique exercises, sharpening your listening skills to pick out drum parts from recordings, developing your “book” of songs/grooves and finding the best equipment to express your personal sound. While coaching music, focus always remains on building a strong, reliable drumming technique.

Even gigging drummers need a little help sometimes. Constant gigs and touring, late nights, long rehearsals and recording can take a toll on an untrained drummer. I’ve helped many professional drummers gain greater power, consistency, and control. I will teach you techniques so you can play music, your way, but with greater ease and freedom. Each lesson is tailored to your needs and areas of special interests.

Garey has taught numerous master classes from as few as three students up to fifteen. The master classes focus on specific styles of music and drumming techniques. Students are encouraged to participate in the master classes. There will be a handout to work form during the class and to take home. Master classes can be hosted at your location. The fees very depending upon the location, length of the class and the number of participants. Contact Garey for more details and to arrange a Master Class for your friends and students.

Garey has conducted drum clinics in over 100 different schools and at numerous music stores, drum shops and jazz festivals. Garey’s drum clinic’s are sponsored by: Ludwig Drums, Sabian cymbals, Remo drumheads, Innovative Percussion sticks and mallets and Latin Percussion. Garey’s drum clinic’s last between 60 and 90 minutes. There is no limit to how many students can attend. Each clinic will focus on a specific drumming topic and includes a handout to take home. Students are encouraged to ask as many questions as possible so that they may learn the most from the clinic. Garey’s clinic fee can be co-opted between the host and Garey’s sponsors. Contact Garey for more details and to arrange a Drum Clinic at your location for your students and drumming clients.

Although in-person lessons are always preferred, there are times and places where a qualified teacher isn’t available. But now, with a good broadband connection, Youtube, Paypal and Skype, on-line, distance lessons are finally possible. Here is how it works:

You upload a video of a performance or other video of yourself splaying on Youtube, set to private. You can include any specific questions or concerns you may have.

Pay for the session through Paypal (see below) and email me the link to your video.

I watch and study your video.

We either set up an appointment to do a Skype lesson where I share my thoughts on your drumming and I offer instruction and suggestions for improvement.

Or…if time zones are an issue, I can film my response to you and upload it to my Youtube account, set to private. Either way, you get a full coaching and private session/consultation.


Teaching drums is like playing the drums… the longer you teach the better teacher you will become. Garey Williams is a veteran teacher with over 34 years of experience. Garey has consistently helped his students gain entrance into colleges, universities, touring groups, band projects, recording projects and helped them to develop successful private teaching skills. Would you like some help with how to teach technique, reading, coordination and numerous additional drumming skills? How about how to recruit more students and make a living as a private teacher? Garey Williams is considered “Seattle’s Drum Guru” and can help you become a more knowledgeable and successful private drum instructor.





“Been drumming for 25 years, and have STRUGGGGGLLLLLEEEEEDDDD with getting this, and 8 minutes following this video helped HUGE!!!!!  Thanks Garey!”

“Some video’s claim to be tutorial, but are infact just someone showing what they can do with no explanation of what they are actually doing. I was very impressed with the way you explain exactly what you are doing, very informative and very easy to follow. Brilliantly presented video thanks!” Ian

My Home Studio

Garey Williams offers on-line lessons using Skype or FaceTime and also teaches private and group drum lessons in his home studio is in Ellensburg Washington.

My studio is complete with: two Ludwig Drumsets, Paiste Cymbals, Remo Drumheads, Innovative Percussion Sticks & Brushes, LP Cowbells and Ahead Practice Pads on Stands, mirrors for posture and technique, video and audio recordings of each lesson upon request and an extensive video/DVD/book loaning library. My state-of-the-art teaching studio is sound proof and has a large bay window, air-conditioned and a ventilation system.

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